“…an ambitious project which unites persons of undoubted scientific and artistic value”

Insound Magazine, december 2012


The two works by composer & guitar player Yuval Avital which unite science and music through the use of visual and sonic translations of energy in from the cosmic space. 
Performed in Bergamo in 2012.

A collaboration with NASA & ESA

The project project was realised in collaboration with leading NASA & ESA scientists : Planetologist and NASA & ESA coordinator Marcello Coradini, astrophysicist Philippe Zarka of the Observatoire di Paris,  Prof. Alexander G. Kosovichev from Stanford University. Giovanni Cospito, head of new technologies of the Milan Conservatory G. Verdi, curated the live electronics & programming of the project. Unfolding Space & Spaces Unfolded provide two different and complementary listening experiences: the first is a 60 minutes multimedia concert for electric guitar, video and electronic sounds,  the second  a sound installation for 8 speakers, guided by an especially created software of artificial intelligence. Both of these creations were commissioned and presented in the 10th Bergamo Science Festival, Italy, 2012.