2006 - 2009

In Trialogo Festival, artists from all over the world meet. They are masters of ancient traditions, jazz, experimental pioneers, video makers, dancers, soloists of classical music and innovative electronic artists, working together to realize a common project.

A shared creative expression

The cultural background of each individual, his intimate vision of the world and peculiar experience, condenses into a shared creative expression. Different styles and forms of thought are projected in the same direction, that of an unusual beauty. East and West meet in a path whose final outcome is the rediscovery of the 21st century identity and culture through difference. Instruments, styles, sounds and gestures roots and new horizons, combined with remarkable artists of unique life experiences, in a constant metamorphosis of parallels.
TRIALOGO festival, produced in 3 successful and acclaimed editions between 2006 and 2009, has created over 20 productions throughout the entire Italian peninsula.