MAY 2006

Through music for 12 Kazakh indigenous players, storyteller, 2 dancers, guitar and visuals, the Slow Horizons project aims to unite ancient nomad traditions with the contemporary nomadic reality, created not through tradition but through immigration.

New nomads

In Slow Horizons, ancient and contemporary realities are united through a realization of a poly-cultural multi-media events, involving both indigenous and western artists. The western world, in a way, has created new “nomads”, single individuals that travel far away from where they were born, some of them travel continually, until their identity cannot be any longer connected to one point of reference. The first SLOW HORIZONS project took place in Kazakhstan, and dealt with the contradiction between the Nomad reality and the economical reality of the oil fields.

Guitar -Yuval Avital, visuals Michal Rovner; Almaty, Kazakhstan, at “Nauryz 21″ – Central Asia 21 cen. music in May 2006.