Magà Global Arts Around The World is a non-profit cultural association based in Milan, Italy and creates operas, concerts, installations, festivals and projects all around the globe.


The organization is a unique cultural reality of its kind: formed in 2005 by composer & multi media director Yuval Avital, Magà Global Arts was born to bridge ancient traditions and contemporary creativity through the performing arts in the global era. Magà  (the Hebrew word for touch & contact) is a growing world network or “task-force” of musicians, visual artists, choreographers, research institutions and new technologies centres. Through collaboration in its projects, the organization’s creative team challenge to promote a new form of artistic language based on universal symbols and structures; uniting poly-cultural & interdisciplinary approaches, creating bridges between tradition and innovation, ancient and contemporary, east and west, simple & complex.

Global Network

The network of Magà Global Arts Around The World is based on three main principals: excellence, diversity and creativity. Magà connects leading research centres, leading performing arts masters, couriers of ancient oral traditions, innovators in the fields of art, culture and new technologies, but also economic realities and mass media companies in order to create a new synergy that support its ethic and aesthetic vision.


The fingerprint is the symbol of Magà. It represents a complexity that unfolds to an individual Identity.
Each line has its own curve, but it is the nested connectivity that gives life to its united form.
Magà creates a unique musical and cultural language, as a part of a research for multi-cultural communication in arts in general and music in particular in the global era.

An intercultural dialogue

The point of departure is a convergence of two aims: the importance of preservation of identity of each unique culture and the creative potential of the individual representing it, and the need to find common denominators and symmetries between cultures both on semantic and on structural levels. It is a bridge between the local and the universal created by shared organising principles and symbols, emotions and archetypes that create a universal system of artistic expression.

The intercultural dialogue does not put one culture above the other, but sees all cultures as equal in hierarchy and diverse by their unique identity.
Unlike the post modern perception that might involve different cultural materials in an arbitrary choice, the research of Magà is to go deeper  into the foundations of the world cultures, to  their  creativity, inspiration, past and present.





Artistic Director
Yuval Avital
General coordinator
Toti Melzi d’Eril

Andrea Chersicla & Pauline Armellini

Press & Communication
Margherita Sabia & Azalea Seratoni

Associazione culturale Magà Global Arts Around The World
P.le A. Baiamonti 1, 20154, Milan, Italy  P.IVA 06872090961