LEFKARA MOIRAI is a unique multi media opera was presented in a unique place – the town’s square of the village of Lefkara had hosted for the first time in its history an ensemble of important artists of video, sound, theatre and music, directed and composed by Yuval Avital. The project titled Lefkara Moirai, had opened the traditional Lefkara Festival with a complex performance involving local and international musicians, video artists and dancers together with 25 habitants of the village, craftsmen and singers, lace wavers and silver workers.

“The Moirai (Fates), daughters of Ananke, clad in white vestments with filleted heads, Lakhesis, and Klotho, and Atropos, who sang in unison with the music of the Seirenes, Lakhesis singing the things that were, Klotho the things that are, and Atropos the things that are to be. And Klotho with the touch of her right hand helped to turn the outer circumference of the spindle, pausing from time to time. Atropos with her left hand in like manner helped to turn the inner circles, and Lakhesis alternately with either hand lent a hand to each.”
Plato, Republic 617c (trans. Shorey) (Greek philosopher C4th B.C.)