This composition is in one aspect a multi media nocturne, a night piece, a journey from sunset to sunrise. In another aspect, it is a journey to the Beta Israel culture, the protagonist of this work. Leilit is also a research of delicate synthesis between ancient oral traditions, contemporary music and multi media, which manifest the art of  composition in its epistemological meaning. World première held in Rome in 2011.

Night has different meanings

Leilit in Geèz language mean “night”. In the piece there are four vectorial semantic themes that are nested one into the other, all regarding different symbolic meanings of the night :

1 – The night as a journey between the concrete reality toward a higher mystical perception, symbolised by the Keis.
2 – The night as a journey in the oblivion of memory, symbolised by interviews regarding the life in Ethiopia.
3 – The night as a journey in the darkness, symbolised by interviews regarding the journey from Ethiopia to Sudan.
4 – The night as container of dream, fantasy, and a deep connection with hidden part of one’s consciousness, symbolised by lullabies & story-telling.