100 gongs & bamboo recreate the sound of the ocean in the Philippines: 70 traditional Asian musicians of gongs and bamboo music had played as one to interpret Karagatan, an innovative composition by composer Yuval Avital, performend as a closing piece for the Tunog-Tugan Festival in Dipolog, Maasin, Iloilo and Metro Manila in 2013.

A wish for unity 

KARAGATAN (Filipino term for ocean) is a rare musical experience, bringing together modern and traditional as well as disciplined and freestyle expressions. Festival Director and noted Filipino Composer and ethnomusicologist, Dr. Ramon P. Santos (former vice president of IMC UNESCO) explains the great challenge of this work “the ancient gongs and bamboo instruments are not tempered like western instruments. In contrast to western instruments that follow a notation system and have specific pitches and tones, in the gong & bamboo culture there are no canonised standards for sound production, pitch or rhythm.
Instead of homogeneous you have pluralism, instead of hierarchy you need to wish for unity.