“…a music composition of excellence and creativity that transforms Kapoor’s art into a space of listening and to an actual musical instrument…”

DOMUS magazine, January 2012


Garon is a mass sonic composition dedicated to Anish Kapoor for 2 tuba consorts (20-40 elements), 5 contrabass tuba soloists, 2 percussions sections (3 each), choir, vocal soloists & live electronics. Performed in Milan in 2012.

A large-scale sonic experiment

Dirty Corner, the site-specific installation by Anish Kapoor at the Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, produced by the City of Milan and Madeinart hosted, on 26/01/2012, the world premiere of GARON by Yuval Avital, a massive sonic composition for 45 tubas and 6 percussions with a choir & soloists of extended vocal techniques, 3 conductors & live electronics, conceived and composed by Avital as a closing concert of the exhibition. A large-scale sonic experiment, a concert designed to involve the public and performers in an architecture of meanings and structures: GARON (in Hebrew – “throat”) the brand new opera of Yuval Avital, invited by Madeinart to dialogue with Dirty Corner, the monumental site-specific installation created by Anish Kapoor for the Fabrbrica del Vapore (the Steam Factory) in Milan.