Yuval Avital

Composer, guitar player and multimedia artist Yuval Avital is considered as one of Italy’s major talents in the contemporary and experimental music scene.

photo by Beny Steiner

Born in Jerusalem in 1977, living in Milan, his works spread from huge sonic events for numerous performers to demanding orchestral and chamber compositions, from Icon/sonic operas which include classical performers, multi media together with traditional carriers of ancient cultures, to highly technological projects, involving scientists, artificial intelligence and live sonic elaborations.
Among his works: Reka for 6 traditional singers, 2 percussions and a crowd of hundreds of voices (Warsaw Autumn 2014), Karagatan for 100 traditional gong & bamboo musicians and 2 conductors (Philippines 2013), Otot icon/sonic symphony (opening of the symphonic season of Theater of Como, Italy) Unfolding Space, created in collaboration with NASA & ESA scientists (Italy 2012), Garon for 45 tubas, 6 percussions, 3 conductors, choir & live electronics (closing event of Dirty Corner by Anish Kapoor, Milan, Italy 2012), 4 operas commissioned by leading Italian festivals (Kolot 2008, Samaritani 2010, Leilit 2011, Noise for Syd 2013), numerous chamber music compositions and multimedia works performed by leading soloists. His works were presented in many festivals such as RomaEuropa, MitoSettembreMusica, Reggio-Parma (Italy), Tunog-Tugan (Philippines), 360° (Germany), the Jerusalem Multimedia Fesitval (Israel), Miami Art Basel (USA), Central-Asia contemporary music days (Kazakhstan). In 2007 he transformed the entire Ostiense station to a multimedia installation during the Notte Bianca di Roma, Italy.

His works and concerts were broadcasted on SKY CLASSICA TV (which had dedicated to him a documentary film), CCTV China, Radio 3 suite (Italy), Kol Ha Musica (Israel), WQXR & Classical Guitar live (USA) and many others.